First Class Design & Renovation LLC is an Orange County based company that purchases distressed homes in fine neighborhoods. Our goal is simple: Restore and update these homes to current safety codes while protecting the home values of surrounding homes. Our approach is unique. We are not a large investment firm. We look at our purchases on a case by case basis. Most of our purchases help families out of difficult situations…and into their next step.

Della Hysten


Having moved more than seven times to major cities across the country, Della developed an interest in real estate and interior design. She started her professional career as an auditor for Ernst & Young in Chicago (formerly a CPA). After taking time off to raise her children, she studied Interior Design and then got my Real Estate license in California. Della and her husband James are keen real estate investors and have been very successful flipping houses doing ground-up construction.

First Class Design & Renovation – President & Owner
Realtor – Zutila, Inc.


James Hysten

Business Manager

James is an accomplished and highly skilled national sales director with a record of success over many years. He inspires, trains, and leads diverse teams committed to surpassing goals, spearheading multi-billion dollar deals. As an expert in finance and the auto industry James is able to discover and capitalize on opportunities. A sales structure trailblazer who can nimbly maneuver and influence complex deals, both in terms of strategy and executive structures.

Fortune 100 Experience. Profit/Compliance Balance. Synergy Catalyst.

Innovative Insurance & Aftermarket Brokers – Owner
National Director of Production Support – Wells Fargo
National Sales Director – Wells Fargo
Regional Business Center Manager – Wells Fargo
Regional Training Manager – Better Way Inc.
Board Member – The Kansas African American Museum



As a company we are committed to preserving the earth’s natural resources. In the state of California most discarded construction materials are sorted and recycled. We comply with all state and local laws when it comes to the proper handling of these elements.

All items that can be spared and salvaged are donated to local charities for reuse.

Zutila Property Management

They do it all…so you can do other things with your time. Hiring full-time managers protects and increases the value of your investment properties. With Zutila PM, you have a team of honest, effective professionals giving full attention to your needs…allowing you to enjoy the benefits of well maintained properties and satisfied tenants. We are driven to provide the best service to you and your tenants on a consistent basis.

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1st Class Design and Renovation is a Southern California company that purchase and rehab homes.